Seeing but not looking
I look for dots - in everything and everyone - that connect all of us. Those dots can weave past and present together and make new patterns. The tricky part, to find them one have to to stay attentive.
Big in Japan
If you are into graphic design or just interested in history and East Asian culture then Japan is the destination to find and connect new dots.
l am privileged to have made this journey. Japan is exciting, beautiful, friendly and its citizens treat you with respect if you do the opposite. See the world through their eyes, when you can't speak their language open your mind and magic can happen.
I'm not the only one who likes this ancient way of wrapping presents. In my case, the content in the black box became more valuable by using this type of wrapping.
The article is from The New York Times: ”Furoshiki have been used for more than 1,300 years. There is a record from the Nara period, from 710 to 794, and it shows people keeping valuables wrapped in a fabric called tsutsumi that was a predecessor of today’s furoshiki.”
Musubi Kyoto
Musubi Kyoto
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